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Hi everyone

I am Alena Sharenda. I was born and grew up in Vitebsk, Belarus. Vitebsk is a city of artists and crafters in a small country located in the center of Europe. I was a creative child; I loved to draw and create handmade projects. My grandmother sewed and embroidered well, and I loved to watch how she did it.

In 1999, I graduated from Vitebsk College and became a tailor. Later I graduated from law school. By that time, I was married and had my first son. I became a lawyer. In 2010, our second son was born. While on maternity leave, I surfed the Internet and found a picture of a rag doll.

From that day on, I was into sewing toys and other things. I did it at night since I had errands to run, did many household chores, and took care of our baby during the day. I was so into sewing that I did sewing projects every day. I was excited to give handmade creations to my family and friends.

After several years of practice, my hobby turned into a small business. I quit my job and started a blog on the Internet. I made and sold my sewing projects, participated in exhibitions and fairs. My customer base increased, and my business grew. In 2016, my family and I moved to the United States. It was a challenge to start everything from scratch in a new country.

Later, I opened the children’s creative studio, where I teach children to sew, iron, identify fabrics, create dolls and other cute handmade things. I decided to grow my sewing business in the United States. I love to create handmade items for babies. I’m excited when my customers are happy with the purchase made in my shop.

My dream is to have a cozy local store of handmade items. I invite you to visit my Instagram page. Hope you enjoy it. If you find any items you like, please feel free to ask me about these products.

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